Near the end of the time she had with us, my grandmother’s declining health led to times where it was difficult for her to remember things, like where she was and who was with her. It also made it hard for her to communicate some of the things that she wanted to say.

As I sat with her one night, she woke up and began to ask me “Can I have a glass of…” and then she trailed off and began rambling into a number of words that just didn’t make sense. After a moment, she stopped herself and said “I’m not making sense, am I?” In here eyes was a look of defeat for not being able to form the words of what should be a simple sentence.

It was hard to watch, but at the same time, you could tell that she was there with us, she just wasn’t able to connect the dots in her head the way she normally could when it came to saying what she wanted to.

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